For most of my adult life a camera has been seen strapped on me one way or another. I try to find a style and not a genre as cliche as it may sound, I have combined many forms of photography into my work and what I truly want to show is the human psyche at its core. The true portrait of a person. During the day I make computers do cloud things, in my free time I pursue the arts through photography and animation. 

The inspiration for the name comes from the famous group known as "Group f/64" which comprised of such legendary photographers Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, John Paul Edwards, Sonya Noskowiak, Henry Swift, and Willard Van Dyke. I love these guys really, I have books and books of there work and surround myself with the best imagery I can find. I have traveled many miles to see their work in person and draw inspiration. I'm a trained technical animator as well, which I feel gives me an edge in that I'm able to almost anticipate any moment.

The term f/64 refers to the smallest aperture setting on a large format camera, which secures maximum depth of field, rendering a photograph evenly sharp from foreground to background. Such a small aperture sometimes implies a long exposure and therefore a selection of relatively slow moving or motionless subject matter, such as landscapes and still life, but in the typically bright California light this is less a factor in the subject matter chosen than the sheer size and clumsiness of the cameras, compared to the smaller cameras increasingly used in action and reportage photography in the 1930s.

Eben Yep
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